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Dr. Paul Quinn
Your King of Prussia Chiropractor

Congratulations to Angie B! A client of Wellness Quest for over 3 years, who has Multiple Sclerosis. Due to her consistent hard work, she has just gotten her dexa scan results that showed her bone density INCREASED! ALMOST UNHEARD OF for someone with her diagnosis! She has moved OUT of OSTEOPOROSIS parameters!!

angie power plate

Congratulations to Monica! Monica is a nurse practitioner who was diagnosed with osteoporosis. She began our osteoporosis program consisting of Power Plate workouts followed by using the BioDensity machine one time per week, and just had an AMAZING dexa scan result. After only 6 months, the osteoporosis in her hips has completely reversed. Not only has the progression stopped, her hips are actually STRONGER! NO meds. Fresh, new beautiful bone growth... and we had a blast doing it at Wellness Quest!

  monica               mon

As a nurse practitioner and an osteo strength client I recommend Osteo Strength without hesitation. I was faced with the unfortunate diagnosis of osteoporosis back in 2019. I Researched the medications associated with this diagnosis and decided they were not for me. I then researched alternative treatments and was lucky enough to find Osteo Strength. As we faced the unknown time of Covid my program was interrupted. But as soon as I could get back to it I did. I recently had a DEXA scan which showed hip improvement from osteoporosis to osteopenia. Although the other two areas remained the same they did not decline in over a three year period that is a miracle in itself! This is a generally well tolerated exercise program to build back bone. It is less than a half hour session once a week. Dr. Quinn and Babe are a wealth of knowledge and very caring practitioners. Again I recommend highly anyone who has osteopenia or osteoporosis!


Dear Dr. Quinn,

I cannot thank you enough for the complete care you and your staff at Wellness Quest has provided for me and my family. Your knowledge and background made us feel at ease immediately.  As you know, my two daughters are high school athletes. They are each working very hard to qualify for a scholarship.  After your chiropractic adjustments and the exercises you've designed for them on your Power Plate and BioDensity machines, that their performance has never been better.  Their coach has noticed and I'm happy to say has sent several of their teammates to your facility. You and your staff of massage therapists and personal trainers made us feel at home and welcomed immediately.  Our whole family looks forward to coming to you every Wednesday and Saturday!  We have never been healthier or happier!

Very Truly Yours, 

Ralph Courtland, Conestoga, PA

Dear Dr. Quinn,

Wellness Quest was a jewel of a find.  Having had back, hip and neck problems all of my life, I was thrilled to find a chiropractor who finally resolved my pain and uncomfortability.  Dr. Quinn is a hands-on man; gifted in his ability to locate and alleviate problem areas.  He fully explains his treatment process, as well as what is going on in one's body.  Later, he responded personally when I was injured in a car accident.  He got me in for treatment immediately, and he and his staff provided quick relief.  While at Wellness Quest I decided to try my first work out in a gym setting.  My personal trainer Babe guided me on a ½ hour sessions on their Power Plate.  The machine, and my trainer, made it fun!  I had never had an experience like this in my life!  I was soon 'whipped' into the best shape I've ever been in my life!  The option of massage therapy is also available at Wellness Quest…the best massage therapists I have ever had work on my body.  They offer both therapeutic and deep tissue massage, along with Dr. Quinn's ability to deliver Active Release, my entire body has been revitalized. Wellness Quest has changed my body and my life!

Thank You! 

Amy Ross, Chesterbrook, PA

Dear Dr. Quinn

When I first visited you I was desperate to try anything. I felt so bad. After undergoing Chiropractic treatment I feel great. My energy levels have never been better. I have eliminated certain foods from my diet that don't agree with me and no longer get any reflux after eating, my re-current sinusitis and ear pain has gone and PMS is greatly improved.

Thank you very much for your support, I would recommend your program to anyone. 

Tara James, Wayne, PA

Dear Dr. Quinn:

I am writing this letter to thank you for what you did for me. As you know for 10 months I was being treated by many doctors and in the hospital for a total of 19 days, 3 of which were spent in intensive care. I was making no progress with all the drugs and treatment I was receiving. The main problem they told me was that I had chronic asthma and a lung disorder and all the drugs etc. were to control the asthma. I was suffering from shooting pains in the head and I was told I would need a longer hospital stay and more tests to find the problem and then alter the medications I was taking. I did not have more tests, I came and saw you and I have had no more headache pain since you treated me. Also with your treatment I have stopped taking most of the asthma medication. The results speak for themselves, I've never felt better.

Once again thank you. 

Todd Miller, King of Prussia, PA

Dear Dr.Quinn,

In July of last year, I was rear-ended by a pick up truck.  I was in pain immediately and taken to the hospital where I was given many diagnostic tests that showed little more than severe strains.  They gave me pain killers and sent me home.

The pain continued, and many days it was difficult to get out of bed.  With difficulty, I was walking my son to the bus and one of the other mothers obviously identified with the pain she could see I was having…she immediately pulled me aside and told me I must seek treatment at Wellness Quest Chiropractic, and see Dr. Quinn.  She told me that she was also in a car accident and became dependant on walking with a cane.  After 4 weeks of consistent treatment and therapy at Wellness Quest, she was back to her regular routine…better than before!

This gave me hope and I called the office.  The welcoming and professional voice of the person that answered the phone gave me comfort, and I was scheduled for later that week.  

I walked into the energetic and warm facility and was greeted by a staff that already knew my name and was expecting me.  Dr. Quinn took his time looking at my studies and explaining them in a way no one at the hospital did.   He then laid out a reasonable schedule of care and we determined my goals together.  He adjusted me that day and I experienced relief of hip pain for the first time in 3 weeks.  His head trainer, Babe, stretched me and gave me a workout on their very specialized vibration plates.  I was moving better and feeling better after my first visit!

After 4 weeks of therapy and treatment at Wellness Quest, I was literally feeling better physically, and better about myself than I had in years!

I don’t use the word miracle often, but I do describe my results after treating with the staff at Wellness Quest to be miraculous.  I thank Dr. Quinn, Babe and their staff every time I go in for giving me the ability to enjoy my life again!


Chesterbrook, PA

Dear Babe,

I am a 37 year old woman who has been in reasonably good shape most of my life.  However I had the first of my 2 kids at the age of 32, and have been struggling with my weight ever since.  My exercise regimen has been inconsistent and I needed to find a way to exercise for the least amount of time in a week, while still seeing results!  

My sister, who I hadn’t seen in almost 2 months came to my house for Thanksgiving Dinner.  She looked amazing.  She had lost 12 pounds, her skin was clear, she was energetic and absolutely beautiful.  I asked her what she had been doing…she told me about working out with Babe at Wellness Quest on very specialized vibration equipment.  She said she trains hard with Babe 3 times per week, for 20 minute sessions…even I could manage that!  She explained in layman’s terms that because the Power Plate is vibrating while you’re exercising on it, you are working much harder than if you were doing the same moves on a non-vibrating surface; therefore, you’re workout is done in a fraction of the time.  

I called Wellness Quest right away to try this out!  The staff and the facility are first class.  I immediately felt like I was in the hands of professionals.  I began working with Babe that Wednesday and have been doing 3 sessions per week on the Power Plate for 5 weeks now.  I am down 6 six pounds and have never felt better!  My husband told me yesterday I look vibrant!  

Thank you Babe and Wellness Quest!


Ardmore, PA

After a bad car accident I sought out a chiropractor near my home and came across Wellness Quest Chiropractic. Upon the initial phone call and consultation I felt welcome and cared for by Kim. Over the past few months I have gained back my quality of life with the care and guidance of Dr. Paul Quinn and his team. Everyone here is like family and they immediately welcome you in as someone they genuinely care for. They are not just seeking to help you get immediate physical relief but also a sense of community and care that makes the healing process even more incredible. Quality of life is a top priority to the entire team of Wellness Quest and I can assure you that you will feel like a priority in their hands. Everyone truly cares about you and your specific needs and that in itself is absolutely priceless. I trust the team of Wellness Quest Chiropractic with my health and you will see why you should too after you meet with them.

Cristen Justiss

When I first went to see Babe and Paul, my knees hurt to the point that I couldn't walk up steps. Babe designed a program for me using the center's state of the art technology, along with her superior training/ coaching skills. The team is inspiring and very effective in addressing issues of pain and bone strength using the Biodensity machine and PowerPlate. I'm now pain free and have more strength and energy than I did 20 years ago, all without using medication.

Sandy M

My shoulders feel the best they have in 5 months after that laser treatment. I will be in on Friday for calf's and feet. Thanks!

Dr. S

Babe I feel SO GOOD!!!! Showered, had a protein bar, some fruit, and a vitamin water. I feel so so amazing thank you for pushing me !!!!!! See you Friday <3

K. Stec

Just finished my visit with Ria  She said, "WOW‼️ ". I usually see her on a Wed. night. 

She said, were you working out?

I said yesterday with Babe. 

Ria ran a test and couldn't believe what good shape my muscles were in. I'm sooo grateful for everything you do to help me, XOXO. It's a heartfelt thanks to you, Babe.  You're devoted, uplifting and continually concerned about your client's wellbeing.  It was evident to Ria today 😁

-Mrs. B (Ria is her nutritionist)

I am so much better today. Thank you so much for helping me. I was fading fast! Thank you for pushing me to get some blood flowing and for settling me down. I was all over the place with emotion. You are the best!
- M.T.

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Seb Rec







As much as I hate taking rest days they are extremely important. Listen to your Boyd. People say "no pain, no gain" but in reality if you're always in pain you're not going to make gains.

Big shout-out to Wellness Quest Chiropractic for taking care of me with chiropractic adjustments, massage and laser therapy over the years. I wouldn't be able to train hard without them.

- M.S.


I am currently being treated for an extremely painful nerve condition. After a crippling flare up, we found Wellness Quest to treat with laser therapy. Dr. Quinn and Babe have been great in sharing their knowledge and taking their treatment slow and steady. I have seen positive results in just a few sessions. Feeling grateful and looking forward to a pain free future. Thank you for the exceptional care.


I have been seeing Dr. Quinn and Babe at Wellness Quest Chiropractic for over a year and a half because of a bad car accident. I do an exercise program, laser treatments, therapeutic massage, and chiroporactic adjustments. I have seen a lot of progress in my rehabilitation. It has helped me physically as well as mentally to get through this challenging time. The whole staff there is extremely friendly and professional. I couldn't recommend them more for whatever services that you may need. I ham glad that I found them.

- J.C.


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  • "I am very glad I found Wellness Quest to help me in my quest to cure my Ulcerative Colitis. Dr. Quinn is excellent, super friendly, and truly concerned about your wellbeing. He has went above and beyond to educate me. He continues to supply me with materials and resources to help me learn more about my problem and potential solutions. And every visit, I look forward to hearing his knowledge on different medical topics and studies. I can't stress enough how committed he is to helping you become a healthier version of yourself. I'm certain that with his help, we will be able to continue improving my Ulcerative Colitis. And his staff are also super friendly! Highly Recommend to anyone in search of a chiropractor!!!"